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A Message

From the President

by Matt Peuser, DVM

March/April 2014

I hope this issue of News and Notes finds everyone well and your practices busy.  Our practice certainly was busier than normal for a January and February and that’s obviously a good thing.  February being National Pet Dental Health Month leads to an increased focus on dentistry at many of our practices.  I’d encourage each and every one of us to continue to focus on dentistry throughout the year.  Treating advanced periodontal disease, broken teeth, tooth resorption, and other conditions can be life-changing for many of our patients as these are painful conditions.  One well known dental specialist is fond of saying that cats and dogs don’t need teeth, they need a mouth free of pain and infection.  Don’t overlook this important part of our patients’ health!  We are lucky to have three local dental specialists available who are willing to give advice any time.

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Proposed Amendment to KCVMA Constitution and By-laws

It has been proposed that the KCVMA Constitution and Bylaws be amended for the Life Members.

This amendment would mandate that new Life Members be required to have at least 20 years of membership to any regional or state veterinary medical association before being approved for KCVMA Life Membership status. This will not affect those granted Life Membership status prior to the enactment of this amendment.

To give the membership time to review the proposed amendment, it has been posted on the KCVMA website.  Please click here for complete details.

The Northland Therapeutic Riding Center in Kearney, MO, is a busy place.  The center, which provides Equine Therapy for nearly 80 special needs children and adults, also has 18 horses to care for.  That’s where Dr. David Leighr of Long Veterinary Clinic comes in.  A member of the board, Dr. Leighr provides care at a reduced cost to the center’s horses.  “A lot of the horses in the program are older horses with moderate dental problems that require once or twice a year work, so I felt like being a part of the board would give me an opportunity to help those horses as well as the program itself,” he says.

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Area Veterinarians Find Fulfillment as Volunteers

BY: Jen Nigro

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