Dr. Joseph Veterinary Scholarship Winners Thank the KCVMA

04Jul '17

Dr. Joseph Veterinary Scholarship Winners Thank the KCVMA

Dear Dr. & Mrs. Steven Joseph,

Thank you so much for the COmpassionate Animal Care award! I feel so honred to receive this award. Learning the medicine that goes into veterinary care is always intriguing and fascinating but caring about animals is my biggest passion when it comes to veterinary medicine. Even though I enjoy science and surgery, I became a veterinarian so I can serve others by serving their pets. Veterinarians are the liaison between owners and their animals and I find that it is my duty to always have the hopes and wishes of the owner as first and foremost.

I truly enjoyed working with you and Chatsworth back in November. I still remember how friendly of a cat he was while he stayed at the hospital. My heart was heavy when I heard abouthis passing from Dr. Kukanich a little while after he stayed at the hospital as my patient. The card you also sent me was so heartfelt and I am glad we could both reflect on the fond memories of him knowing that he wasn’t in pain anymore.

I am so excited to finally graduate and start practicing. It never ceases to amaze me how small of a comunity the vet world is! Not only did you know my mentor from Kansas City, Dr. Teeter, but also know Dr. Skaer, my employer and new mentor. As I shared at the Awards banquet, Skaer Veterinary CLinic in Wichita has three veterinarians on staff and I will make it four. Working at Skaer Veterinary Clinic is a dream job for me. Skaer was the first vet clinic I visited in Wichita since I was new to the area and after that no other clinic measured up. Then when she offered me the job, I immediately said yes. As Dr. Skaer already said, you should come visit the clinic sometime! The facility is new and has all top of the line amenities. If you can’t tell, I am overjoyed to start working there.

Thank you again for the support and award! It means more to me that I can put in words.

Madeline Sanders


I am writing to thank you for your contribution to my veterinary education. Your support is very much appreciated. I think I speak for all veterinary students when I write that without support and effort of caring individuals like yourselves, the transition from school to work and advanced training would be much more difficult and intimidating. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

To tell you a bit about myself, I am a life-long Kansan, born in Hanover but having lived in multiple small towns throughout Kansas, predominantly Marysville. With steadfast support from my father, I bcame the first in my family to complete an undergraduate degree in 2013, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in both biology and geology from Kansas State University. A lifelong interest in the natural world, combined with a growing interest in medical research, led to my entry to veterinary school. For the past four years, I have worked towards a career in comparative biomedical research, and am planning to complete a residency in either pathology or laboratory animal medicine, along with a Ph.D. My overall career goal is to contribute to both animal and human health through research. I have a specific interest in comparative oncology, and have been lucky enough to participate in summer research programs that allowed me to develop a background in theis filed.

As for imediate future, I plan to spend a year developing my clinical skills with animals before I move to a research-oriented training program. I am most interested in pursing an internship position in non-human primate medicine, though any clinical opportunity will allow me to develop diagnostic and surgical skills, so I am open to joining a private practice as well.

I once again wish to express how grateful I am for your recognition and support. I, like many new veterinarians, have felt a bit of uncertainty concerning my future. But it is important to recognize that uncertaintly and opportunity are two manifestations of the same phenomenon. You cannot have one without the other. Your help is important to me because it allows me to see uncertainties as the opportunities they are, and to pursue them with all my effort.

Thank you again for your support. No matter where I go in the future, I will continue to work hard to earn it..

Brett Fisher  |  Kansas State University Class of 2017

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